We are in the province of Huelva.
Huelva is in the far south-west corner of Spain, near the border with Portugal, an hour from Andalusia's main city, Seville.
This is an ideal place to visit: 300 days of sun, warm average temperatures and almost no rain throughout the year, and a full range of sights and things to do.
Then there are the endless beaches - many of which are untouched.
70% of the area is covered in forest, with swathes of pine and holm oak.
Natural protected spaces include Doñana National Park - a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site; this is one of the largest bird reserves in Europe and one of the last refuges of the Iberian lynx.
Huelva is also where the discovery of America started since it is here that Christopher Columbus started his voyage to the unknown.


Huelva is a Spanish city, in Huelva, in Andalusia, in southern Spain. It is located next to the Portuguese border.
What can you do in the province of Huelva?
We can help you find the right activity you can participate in while visiting Huelva.
Within a few kilometres of distance, you can find many activities. Trips to Portugal, enjoy the gastronomy (eat great seafood, Spanish Iberian Ham, white fruity wines, sport activities (golf, kite surf, sailing, horseriding, biking, hiking....) cultural tours (Sevilla, Lugares Colombinos, etc.), nature tours (Doñana, Sierra de Huelva, Marismas...) etc.... You should definitely take a boat trip down the Guadiana River. You can also take a lovely walk around its shores.
If you are looking for alternative accommodation and activities; please, let us know.
Learn all about this beautiful part of Spain by clicking here to go to the official tourism office website.

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