You have decided to take a Spanish course in our school at Huelva.
The city of Huelva is situated in the south of Spain, right on the Spanish-Portuguese border.
Huelva, along with southern Spain and southern Portugal, are known internationally for their wide tourist offering, which allows visitors to enjoy a unique experience. Sun, sand, leisure activities, golf, gastronomy and the hospitality of the Andalusian people are just some of its enormous attractions.
Huelva offers you a broad range of accommodation options, allowing visitors to settle in comfortably, depending on their preferences. These options include luxury hotels, economical hotels, individual apartments, apartments for sharing with other students, accommodation with Spanish families.

How to get to Huelva?

Huelva has the benefit of being only 50 km from Faro international airport, which has daily connections with the main European cities. It is easy to get to the school from the airport. To obtain more information about the airlines and cities with connections to Faro airport, consult the following link:

From Faro airport, there are different options for getting to Huelva:
- Taking one of the DAMAS S.A. buses. The fare is €7. This bus does not leave the airport directly and you will have to take a bus from the airport to the city of Faro to catch it. You can find out about fares and timetables in the following link:
- Taking a taxi. The price is between €70 and €80, depending on the time of day. This is the fastest and most practical option, particularly if there are several travellers, since the taxi can carry up to four people.
- Booking a transfer to your hotel. You can book before leaving your home country.
The prices are shown in the following link:
- Hiring a car. This option will allow you to be mobile during your stay in Spain and is highly recommended if you have a driver&midd s licence. You can book the car directly at Faro airport, where all the main European car-rental companies and some local care-hire firms have offices. The price is approximately €190 per week, depending on the company, and includes compulsory insurance. You will be asked by the car rental company to show your driver' s licence, passport and a credit card for making payment.
The best option is to travel to Huelva from Faro airport.
If you are coming to Huelva from another Spanish city such as Seville or Madrid, please contact us and we will give you different options and approximate prices for travelling to Huelva.

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